EU PATENT 2017/2828. Vitroplant exclusive

Obtained from our genetic improvement projects, in collaboration with the University of Bucharest.
Rustic variety for the climate and the podological conditions. Resistant to PSA. It is to be considered the Northern kiwi. It can be grown throughout Central Europe and in the best environmental conditions even in Northern Europe.
30/40% less in strength than Hayward.
Sprouting 7/10 days less than Hayward.
Flowering: 15 days less than Hayward.
Harvest maturity: 40/50gg less than Hayward.
Big fruit for the species, it can reach 35-40gr, green coloured, elongated cylindrical shape, in oval section.
Good conservation in relation to the species.
Selected pollinators: R9P16, R9P18 to be distributed in the plant 1:6

Rootstocks for Kiwifruit

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