LIFE® (ATIV) (esclusiva Vitroplant)

EU patent no. 2006/00047 progress. Licensed of Vitroplant Italia S.r.l. Società Agricola

  • ORIGIN: Castellammare x Solanquette, controlled cross carried out at Vitroplant in 1990
  • HEAD: similar type to Romanesco, good-size, distinct colour with a green base and purplish red overcolour, compact, high weight; excellent organoleptic characteristics
  • VEGETATIVE VIGOUR: medium-high, more than C3, with a very long stem
  • PRODUCTION: 10-12 heads (on average)
  • HARVEST PERIOD: 2/3 weeks after Romanesco C3

# FEATURES: this variety requires quite a high number of cold hours to show its productive and qualitative characteristics to the best. It may be considered as a Romanesco type artichoke suited to central and northern areas.

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