Vitroplant Italia Srl, Società del “Sistema Agroalimentare Orogel” (Company of the Orogel Agri-Food System), operates in an international context both complex and in rapid evolution.

This is why it is important to provide a clear expression of the basis on which the company operates. Vitroplant Italia has always focused on the value of sustainability, with full recognition of such values as democracy, equality, equity, solidarity, honesty, transparency, social responsibility, care for others and reciprocal aid.

These values, together with constant attention to the product in terms of innovation, safety and quality, have been behind the success of the Company and its market image.



Vitroplant Italia is capable of dealing with all aspects of the “in-vitro” production chain, from seedlings up to the nursery stage, in that it abides by the food chain traceability system CAV (Centro Attività Vivaistiche Soc. Coop. Agr. – a Cooperative called Nursery Activities Centre) certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 22005:2008.

Moreover, Vitroplant Italia is one of the first nursery companies in Italy to have implemented and maintained a Quality Management System in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for operations involving the “in-vitro” multiplication of plants, the production of agrarian plants, research and development in the nursery sector, the propagation of new species and innovative rearing  techniques. The total control of production, together with the health guarantee provided by the checks carried out by the Servizio Fitosanitario Regionale (Regional Phytosanitary Service), provide our clients with a massive product guarantee.

National Genetic and Health Certification

National Genetic and Health Certification provides the maximum guarantee of the quality of nursery materials.
It grants official recognition resulting from strict health and genetic controls performed in all phases of the multiplication process.
To gain plant certification, it is essential to use healthy plants, which are virus-free and with proven genetic authenticity. These basic plants are kept in screen-houses at the CAV (Nursery Activities Centre) and they are subject to regular checks (biological and molecular samples). The CTV (Technological Nursery Centre, of which Vitroplant is a founding member) draws upon this checked material in order to construct its own field of mother plants, enabling Vitroplant to sample the initial shoots for the subsequent micropropagation cycles. On completion of the controls, the Regional Phytosanitary Service approves the printing of the label to be applied to the certified virus-free plants. The production of certified micropropagated material must comply with an appropriate set of rules.
These establish the criteria to apply for multiplication: the number of subcultures, the rates of growth, the elimination of shoots derived from calluses. The use of appropriate software allows the official bodies to follow all the clonal lines through all their phases, from origin to the final labelling.

Monitoring and computerised management of handling and storage.

Production checks using the ON.PLANT-WMS technology

Vitroplant has the On.Plant software platform for storage unit management WMS (Warehouse Management System) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for production.

These deliver a great deal of advantages:

  • Increased operator productivity and error reduction;
  • Real-time stock control;
  • Individual traceability for every product batch;
  • Guided flow for the most appropriate choice of product storage place;
  • Real-time traceability of all warehouse operations;
  • Real-time monitoring of production activities with production yields;
  • General improvement in quality.

In addition to the software applications, the plan is for the implementation of high-tech hardware, leading to the use of radio frequency terminals and ad hoc thermal printers for managing the hoods in the laboratory.

DUVRI transport, operating procedure

The following document provides information on the management of  temporary material loading / unloading activities, using vehicles and freight transport areas outside the Vitroplant Italia production sites.

The aim of the current Operating Procedure is to regulate activities of delivery and/or samples of materials and products at the various Vitroplant Italia Premises, on the part of external or logistics companies, with processes involving the use of vehicles for loading/unloading of goods for their transport.

» DUVRI, goods loading and unloading procedure at Vitroplant