Laboratory Area

The laminar flow hood processing areas include 70 hood spaces, 9 crop sales for a total capacity of 200,000 pots and a potential annual production of 28,000,000 plants.

Nursery Area

The nursery area covers an area of approximately 130 hectares in open fields in a protected area.

Greenhouse Area

30,000 m2 of automatic setting greenhouses, of which 11,000 m2 are fully monitored and hardening shade houses of which 3,500 m2 have anti-insect protection.

Company of the "Orogel Agri-food System", was founded in 1979 and operates in the fruit and horticultural nursery sector, in a complex and rapidly evolving international context.

The specific task of the Company is the in vitro micropropagation of fruit, horticultural, medicinal and forestry species.

Internal research is a crucial piece for the entire activity.

In synergy with the commercial sector, the company's Research and Development sector has allowed the adaptation and constant improvement of production technologies and an expansion of the offer of very high quality products.

Technologies for Agricultural Plants
Fruit Plants
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Technologies for Agricultural Plants
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Technologies for Agricultural Plants
Self-Rooted Plants
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Vitroplant Srl
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The R&D sector, through the development and improvement of new production technologies, has allowed the increase in the offer of quality products and the catalog of species.

The greenhouse systems, created with low environmental impact systems and using renewable energy, together with the skills of the Management and those of the commercial sector, have contributed to expanding the range and quality of the products offered, as well as the development of the Company.

Tecnologies for Agricolture Plants

Production Sites

Our company is made up of three production areas: micropropagation laboratory, greenhouses and nursery.

Tecnologies for Agricolture Plants


Or "in vitro" multiplication, the strong point of Vitroplant Italia is of fundamental importance for the affirmation of modern nursery farming.

Tecnologies for Agricolture Plants


We operate in a complex and rapidly evolving international context, with sustainability as the foundation of our work.

Vitroplant Srl Agricultural Company
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