EU PATENT n. 017880234 (dated 15 August 2018) in progress.
By Neumüller license

Prunus domestica × Prunus spinosa
ORIGIN: obtained by Dr. Michael Neumüller at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Fully resistant to the Sharka virus by means of hyper- sensitivity resistance.
VIGOUR: medium (similar to ‘Weiwa®’). Induces high yield and large fruits. Compatible with P. domestica and P. salicina. Good resistance to plum decline caused by Pseudomonas bacteria. Only few suckers. Tests of compatibility between peach trees and apricot trees are under evalua- tion. All PPV resistant plum varieties (e.g. ‘Jojo’, ‘Moni®’) must be grafted onto a hypersensitive rootstock such as Dospina® 235. For PPV sensitive varieties, this rootstock can be used as well in regions where PPV is not very widespread.