SOI GT Noce – 20/21 Settembre 2019

International Cherry Symposium – 22/23 May 2019 Rocca di Vignola (MO)

Cherry: an international meeting, among science, technology and production

Vitroplant Italia will participate as a relevant member in the International Cherry Symposium, hosted in the enchanting Vignola fortress. The company, will be present with its experts and will have an exhibition space on Tour 1 “Vignola” on the 23rd of May, during the technical visit to the Redorici Roberto agricultural company.
The conference program sees insights on modern strategies for marketing cherries, on techniques for high density plantations (new rootstocks and implant systems), on fruit defense strategies, on the genetic improvement of the cherry tree, and much more.

CaspianAgro – 15/17 May 2019 – Baku Expo Center – Azerbaijan

Vitroplant Italia at the 13th Azerbaijan International Agriculture Fair

Vitroplant will bring to Asia its innovative in vitro micropropagation technology, a vegetative propagation technique, carried out in sterility, which allows to propagate plant species, quickly and in large quantities. With this advanced system, rooted plants are obtained, uniform and identical from the morphological point of view.

Exhibitors from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, Israel (and many other countries) will meet to exchange best practices and strengthen trade relations. The fair will be an important opportunity to promote our brand and products but also a great chance to get new ideas and see innovations that come from all over the world.

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A Master of Work gives honor to Vitroplant Italia

Oriano Navacchi, researcher at Vitroplant, will be awarded the title of Master of Work on the Labour day. This prestigious prize is conferred by the Presidency of the Republic to Italian citizens who have worked continuously for a minimum period of twenty-five years for the same company.
Oriano Navacchi was hired by Vitroplant Italia in 1989, after a degree in Agricultural Sciences. He has developed new varieties of seedless table grapes, technologically advanced propagation and regeneration methods for fruit plants. Oriano has always been an example of industry, rigor and perseverance and he has always showed a great passion for his work.

MACFRUIT 2019 – 8/10 May – Rimini Expo Center Stand D5/73

Vitroplant and his first forty years

To celebrate Vitroplant 40th anniversary we have prepared a new bright stand: a welcoming space where we can meet and talk about our work, our in vitro technology, and of course, our plants.
We renewed our catalog as well, adding new varieties and rootstocks.

Let’s come to discover them @stand D5/73!

MACFRUIT 2017 – 10/12 May – Rimini Expo Center Stand D5/155